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You deserve to get paid what you're worth. 

You deserve to have high-level support and mentors. 

You deserve to have access to more opportunities to hold positions of power. 

You deserve flexibility and balance. 

And damnit! You deserve to be seen and heard.  

According to a Fortune Magazine article, in September 2020, the US workforce lost 865,000 women! They are overworked, expected to perform emotional labor, held to a higher standard and their needs are being ignored.

It's time we prosper in the workforce! Get ready to run this Bish

Her Career Insider is the place where smart, ambitious women go to take upward, progressive action, get strategic coaching, advance their careers & increase their net worth.

If you're a womxn - career professional, in any industry -  and want to expand your playing field and earn your worth (without waiting for permission) this community is for you. 


73% of women are unsatisfied in their careers.

The top reasons why women are unsatisfied in their career is they need more pay, desire a mission they can get behind, they’re burnt out or have hit a glass ceiling. 

Employers are not responding to these issues fast enough. 

They are under paid. Their compensation continues to trail that of their male counterpart. The gender pay gap is real! Women earn $0.81 for every dollar a man earns.

They are overlooked or held to a higher standard when seeking positions of power. 

They are expected to perform emotional labor.

They lack female role models, there are few qualified women leading in the pipeline. 

They lack advocates and sponsorships, there are very few leaders at their work or in their industry championing for their advancement 

They lack clear direction and strategy, their career path is undefined and advancement seems daunting, time consuming, and like a moving goal post.

Without the proper steps, guidance and advancement opportunities, they remain stuck, settle, backpedal or unknowingly make lateral changes when upleveling is the desired outcome. 


Her Career Insider provides an immediate pathway to advance while building strength and personal leadership. 

We are focused on building an integrated solution to career advancement and economic progress by providing:

  • Access to strategic career planning 
  • A platform for open dialogue with high-level peers and mentors 
  • Access to results-focused coaching, driving women into upward, progressive action, expanding their playing field while increasing their income.


At Her Career Insider, our mission is to accelerate the professional advancement and economic progression of women in the shortest time possible.


Should you join Her Career Insider? Is it right for you? We're looking for a particular kind of woman & you may be the perfect match. Let's find out!

Qualities we're looking for in our members:

  • You want more from your career whether its climbing the ladder or becoming an entrepreneur.
  • You're passion-driven and optimistic.
  • You're 100% committed to advancing in your career
  • You want to stop making mediocre decisions and start making strategic, progressive decisions
  • You would love to increase your income by 20% (minimum) over the next few months. 
  • You're respectful, kind, easy-going, and coachable.
  • You want to upgrade your circle and start hanging with highly successful bosses, leaders and entrepreneurs; people with success mindset.
  • You're willing to invest in yourself. 
  • You're committed to being anti-racist. 

If that’s you, you’ll be obsessed with Her Career Insider and we’d love to have you!


Women Who Are In The Driver’s Seat of Their Lives (& Careers)

  • She trusts herself to make decisions, do the work and get results
  • She is an action taker. She minimizes distractions. divert attention away from her goals, causing to be less productive, motivated to get things done.
  • She prioritized her goals, stays committed and takes progressive action steps around it. 
  • She believes her dreams are possible and that they are possible for her. She spends time visualizing how she wants her day to unfold and feels the powerful results
  • She makes herself a priority. She wakes up early. She takes time off (for self-care, family time, or mental health days), and she doesn't feel guilty about it. She is in tune with her feelings, how she expects to be treated, and what she wants.
  • She invests in herself. She invests in her personal and professional growth.
  • She challenges herself. Intellectually, physically, mentally…she pushes herself to achieve more
  • She educates herself. Knowledge is power and successful women are aware she needs to be educated
  • She is financially savvy. She is unafraid of money and maintains a healthy financial standing. 
  • She doesn’t accept failure. She perseveres in the face adversity. Successful women don’t let anything stop her from going after what she wants.
  • She takes initiative. Even if she doesn’t know exactly what she is doing, she still take the initiative and makes things happen anyway. She figures it out, finds a solutions and doesn’t give in to limiting beliefs.
  • She surrounds herself with positive, like-minded people. People who lift her up, encourage her, motivate her to do better - no room for people who may hold her back. She is kind, compassionate and lifts other women up.
  • She communicates clearly. She isn’t afraid to articulate her ideas, talks with confidences and doesn’t let the opinions of others influence her decisions.


Her Career Insider: Exclusive Membership


Direct Access to Actionable Resources. Strategic Career Planning. Coaches & Expert Advisors. Elevated conversation with like-minded peers.

This exclusive membership community brings it all together for you.



Here is how we help you advance your career: 

You get direct access to Crystal Layland (Her Career Insider founder, entrepreneur, career strategist) for a tiny fraction of what it usually costs to hire her.

You get growth mindset coaching, to up level your career you must up level your thoughts with our WEEKLY coaching calls. 

You get access to specialized training MONTHLY. Every single aspect of advancing your career in today's climate (without the bullshit) is covered by leading subject matter experts. 

You get to hang with ambitious women (successful experts, leaders, entrepreneurs) to upgrade your sphere of influence and upgrade your life!   

You learn how to make strategic decisions instead of lateral decisions, in our Quarterly Decision Forum shift your behavior, expand your playing field and earn exponentially more than you currently do.

You get answers to your questions. No more wondering, second-guessing, waiting, or Googling. If you have a question, you ask it and get answers now. 

Very little risk. No long-term commitment. Though we recommend at minimum a three month membership, you can cancel your monthly membership anytime.

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